Skin doesn’t always bounce back. When we strain our skin, we can sometimes be left with scars called stretch marks. These lines appear on our thighs, bellies, and arms. They can be annoying to look at and even more annoying to deal with – until now. Our ADVATx® laser system offers an excellent method for addressing these and other skin imperfections. Treatments are safe, non-invasive, and deliver exceptional results. Schedule your appointment at our Clemson office today to learn more.


Stretch mark

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks, or “striae,” appear when our skin is stretched abruptly. If your skin is stretched beyond its limits, collagen, and elastin are created and rush to the scene to repair the damage. As your body heals, red or white lines consistent with this cosmetic concern appear at the stretching site. Rapid weight gain and pregnancy are the most common causes of stretching, though growth spurts in children can also cause these marks.

How Are These Issues Addressed?

ADVATx® Skin Rejuvenation can gradually reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your skin. This device is non-ablative and uses targeted heat to heal skin and give you beautiful, natural-looking results. Since it is non-ablative, it does not harm surrounding tissue or cause exfoliation. Instead, it improves your skin safely and without downtime.

What Can I Expect?

Some stretch marks are more pronounced than others. More ADVATx® sessions will be needed the more lines you have. Some sessions can take longer than others, depending on the location of your marks. You must come in for a consultation to get an accurate assessment of what you can expect. We will examine your marks and set up a treatment schedule to give you the beautiful results you deserve.

Find Treatments for Stretch Marks in Clemson, South Carolina

A life free of stretch marks is now possible thanks to our advanced ADVATx® laser system. This device is non-invasive, fast, and offers amazing long-lasting results. To learn more and schedule your appointment, complete the form below or call us at (864) 722-9262.