Dry, flaky skin accompanied by joint pain can indicate an underlying issue like psoriasis. Those with this condition can be troubled by its physical symptoms and the appearance of their skin. The good news is that laser treatment can often be enough to improve your skin and help you feel more comfortable. Our ADVATx® system works quickly, is non-invasive, and requires no downtime. Connect with us in Clemson, South Carolina, to learn more.



What Causes Psoriasis?

The cause of psoriasis is unknown, but having a low immune system can lead to the appearance of this issue. When your immune system is low, you may begin to have inflammation that can result in rapid cell growth. Ordinarily, skin cells are replaced every 10-30 days, but when someone has psoriasis, new cells can grow as quickly as every 3-4 days. This causes the growth of unsightly silver scales on the body, one of the most telling signs of this issue.

How Are These Issues Addressed?

ADVATx® Skin Rejuvenation is a laser treatment that uses pulses of light to heat targeted areas of the skin. This allows for direct targeting of psoriasis issues and their elimination. While the laser can’t cure the condition or address the joint pain you may be experiencing, it can help give you clear skin. Several treatments may be required for the best results.

What Can I Expect?

The number of visits you will need will depend on the severity of your condition. This laser is non-invasive and doesn’t cause downtime. It is a non-ablative laser which relies on heat to treat your skin instead of exfoliating the top layer. This makes it safe and effective, and it means that you will experience little, if any, side effects after treatment.

Find Treatments for Psoriasis in Clemson, South Carolina

If you struggle with flaky skin caused by psoriasis, our ADVATx® laser treatments can be an excellent solution. Treatments with this device take little time and give you beautiful results. To learn more and schedule your appointment, complete the form below or call us at (864) 722-9262.