Adrenal dysfunction can very well be the source of your stress. This issue can develop seemingly out of nowhere and significantly affect your health. It can cause you to feel tired, unhappy, irritable, and generally unwell. Thankfully, a solution is available in the form of IV Nutritional Therapy. These infusion treatments are available here at our Clemson, South Carolina office. Request your appointment today to learn more.


Doctor with kidneys floating on her hand

What Causes Adrenal Dysfunction?

The adrenals, a set of important glands that rest on top of your kidneys, are in charge of regulating important stress hormones like cortisol – responsible for the “fight or flight” response and other stress hormones like epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine (noradrenaline).

When your stress response is not balanced, the ability to turn these hormones “on and off” can wreak havoc with your energy levels. Due to illness, prolonged low-grade stress, and other factors, your adrenal glands may be overworked, causing feelings of intense fatigue and exhaustion even after a full night’s sleep.

How Is This Issue Addressed?

Without proper regulation from your endocrine system, you may feel unable to cope with normal everyday stress or even handle normal life activities. Craving salty or sweet foods is not uncommon as a way to refuel fast since the body is searching to upgrade energy in any way it can. That’s where IV Nutritional Therapy comes in. This treatment can restore the balance of your system through an infusion of nourishing vitamins and minerals.

What Can I Expect?

An IV Nutritional Infusion is formulated to meet your specific needs. Our options are made to reduce stress, improve hydration, and alleviate symptoms of chronic fatigue. The process is simple and involves the use of an IV drip. Once the IV needle is inserted, the infusion will take 45 minutes to an hour. Afterward, you will be free to return to the rest of your day, as this treatment requires no downtime.

Find Adrenal Dysfunction Treatments in Clemson, South Carolina

If you’re feeling stressed, it may be time for an IV Nutritional Infusion. Our infusions can offer you the relief and ease you deserve without the need for more tasking treatments. To learn more and schedule your appointment, complete the form below or call us at (864) 722-9262.